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Sri Lankan Express Restaurant situated at My FNPF Plaza & Chef Lanka Restaurant situated at BSP Suva Central sprouting its sapling in the beautiful city of Suva.


Discover the delicious flavors of lovingly prepared authentic Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine.


We serve the most Authentic Sri Lankan and Indian food, providing high standards in service and quality. Our sincere effort is to make your dining experience memorable. Each dish on the menu is mastered to perfection using local traditional methods and exotic, aromatic ingredients from Sri Lanka Combined with a modern presentation.


We specialize in Sri Lankan style savories, such as variety of Dossa, Indian breads (Naan), meats grilled in tandoor, biryani, Lamb curry, Chicken curry, lump rice, Butter Chicken, duck curry and many more to the taste in Sri Lankan Style. We have experienced chefs specialized in authentic Sri Lankan and Indian dishes from Sri Lanka, India and Fiji.



Sri Lankan Express Restaurant located at MHCC Food Court adding to the table we also have variety of Hot and Cold Beverages /Smoothies with combination of our mouthwatering pastries followed by nutritional salad bar and tropical varieties of fruit juice.


Also serving delicious English breakfast every morning.

Europe Pizza

Europe Pizza Restaurant situated at Suva Central serves the most delicious fast food with variety form of Pizza’s, Peri- Peri chicken mouthwatering chicken burgers (of your choice non veg and veg) grilled to your taste.


We pride ourselves in sourcing incredible ingredients we’re dedicated to ensuring that all our meat, vegetables and ingredients are of premium quality.

We have experienced chefs specialized in fast foods from Sri Lanka India and Fiji.

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